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Aerobic matting by Amarco Products offers cost effective choices for maximum performance with features such as, traction, anti-fatigue, comfort and safety, engineered into every aerobic tiles. While our tiles provide the ease of maintenance and installation of a modular tile and offer excellent aerobic features, they are often used as a substitute for expensive aerobic hardwood floor installations. What ever your Aerobic Flooring needs are we have a product that will offer performance and quality.

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Style #

9/16" Thick Tiles
Excellent traction under dry or wet.
Reduces the risk of exercise injuries
Knobbed underside creates air flow
Top surface four 12" x 12" tile pattern
   with raised nubs for traction
Beveled borders and corners available
No adhesive required


Flex Court
Style # 

Achieve attractive wood-like look at a
   fraction of the cost
Low maintenance and easy to clean, Flex-
   Court never needs refinishing
Modular design means tiles are easily
   installed and maintained
Cushioned surface reduces fatigue

Style #

Fully portable- Interlocking
Quick set-up & disassembly
Design / cut floor into any shape or size
Anti-slip, anti fatigue
Highly resilient, shock absorbent & safe
Non-absorbent, cleans easily
Cushioned surface reduces fatigue

Style #

Over 250 raised discs along with 3/4" thick
Resilient, SPRING BACK air support
SPRING BACK has similar performance 
   characteristics as a floating hardwood floor
Most cost effective choice for aerobic or
   anti-fatigue resilient floor

Style #

Materials: 100% PVC
Size: 24" x 24" Square
Thickness: 3/4"
Total Weight: 4.5 lbs /tile
2 standard colors

Easy to install


Materials: 100% PVC
Size: 24" x 24" Square
Thickness: 5/8"
Total Weight: 1.28 lbs /tile
Colors: 14 standard colors
Easy to install

Style # 

Sound / shock absorbent Multi-purpose
Hygienic because of heat-welded installation
Quiet Underfoot, Ergonomic
Low maintenance due to protective wear layer
Can paint lines on surface
Fade resistant / wears well
Easy-to-clean: Vacuum or broom & damp mop
Pro-performance -  athletes perform better


Re-Bound NBA
Style #

Heavy-Duty recycled vinyl
Superior ball rebound
Excellent impact absorption and durability
Excellent traction in wet or dry settings
Economical choice
Available standard or pre-finished



Aerobic-Plus by Amarco is a heavy-duty 100% virgin rubber interlocking tile that provides exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions. The knob backing stimulates air flow providing good aeration under tiles. Aerobic-Plus has a raised nub surface which provides increased traction. Aerobic-Plus reduces the risk of injury associated with the sport.


Get the wood look for a fraction of the cost. Flex-Court is durable, snap-together modular flooring for a wide variety of aerobic activities. The vinyl tile never needs refinishing, is low maintenance & easy to clean with an optional rubber under-laymen, Provides a cushioned surface, absorbs shock, reduce stress, fight fatigue.


The "AERO TILE" Aero Tile is Lightweight, easily transported and installed tile with the durability of heavy duty rubber flooring. Textured surface pattern provides maximum traction. Excellent anti-fatigue characteristics provide comfort and safety. These tough polymer mats assemble and disassemble quickly and easily, yet can remain as semi-permanent flooring for years of continual use. Excellent for Martial arts tournament flooring, Trade shows, Yoga studios and day-care centers.


Spring-Tile is a great, cost effective choice for an aerobic or anti-fatigue resilient floor. Each 12" x 12" x 3/4" tile has over 250 raised discs for traction and our "Spring back" air support. Spring tile has similar performance characteristics as a floating aerobic hardwood floor.


Rubber-Lite is the result of our evolutionary and innovative production process of bonding both recycled rubber and high density closed cell EVA Foam Rubber for home gym, Aerobic, play area, and work stations.


Soft-Tile is a great, cost effective choice for an aerobic or anti-fatigue resilient floor. Each 2" x 2" x 5/8" tile is a closed cell EVA foam rubber that is Light weight and portable, Water proof, sound proof, aerobic, shock absorbent & insulating. Soft-Tile is the most cost effective choice for aerobic or anti-fatigue resilient floor.

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