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Create a comfortable and fashionable environment with Amarco's Premium Carpet Tile. Easy on the eyes and strong enough to withstand toughest of traffic levels. Amarco's Empire-Tile has become the designer's favorite for commercial spaces. Inspired by striae patterns found in nature, Empire-Tile's  subtle yet warm design adds energy and movement to any space by quarter-turning the tiles.

  Office Environments, Airports, Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Libraries, Retail/Department Stores, Resorts, Restaurant Entryways, Spas, etc.
• Premium Nylon Carpet Tile
• Naturally inspired 
• Beautiful striated design
• Tufted 30 oz nylon
• Highly Versatile
• Tufted 100% PA6 solution space dyed
• Premium (eco) Bitumen
• Construction: Tufted 100% PA6
• Primary Backing Tile: Premium Bitumen
• Pile Height (± 0.5mm) 0.275"
• Total Height (± 7.5%) 0.375"
• Pile Weight (± 7.5%) 30 oz/sy
• Total Weight (± 7.5%) Tile: 150 oz/sy |
• Tile Size (± 2%) 19.69" x 19.69"
• LEED™ Related Data
CSI Specs Tech Data Warranty Installation Maintenance Available Colors Frame Selection Samples

Colors available for Empire-Tile
Due to variations in monitor color representation,
please order samples when selecting colors.




Colors available for Empire-Tile

Slate Grey Charcoal Grey Indigo Cherry Biscuit



LEED™ Related Data


MR Credit 4 LEED-NC v3 For 1-2 points: $ value of all 20% recycled content
IEQ Credit 4.1 LEED-NC v3 For 1 point: low-emitting adhesive with a VOC of 50 g/L for indoor releasable adhesive
Releasable VOC 0 g/L
IEQ Credit 5 LEED-NC v3 For 1 Point: For semipermanently installed entrance system at least 10 ft. in length and maintained on
a weekly basis This carpet is a semipermanent installation


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