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Syn-Coir matting
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Syn-Coir is made from highly durable polypropylene fibers & is our synthetic version of natural Cocoa Matting. Syn-Coir offers longer wear, will not show traffic patterns as readily & will continue to look new for a longer period than natural products. Syn-Coir is excellent for heavy-traffic areas and is easily maintained with regular vacuuming. Syn-Coir is best suited for recessed or wall-to-wall saddle-to saddle installations & can be cut into any shape or form.

  Entryways, vestibules, and foyers with multi-directional traffic flow.

Heavy-Duty long wearing
Syn-Coir matting is easily maintained with vacuuming and sweeping
Can be recessed or wall-to-wall saddle-to-saddle.
Solid PVC vinyl backing
Tough Synthetic fibers scrub away dirt, sand, and moisture like a brush
Syn-Coir can be cut into any shape and has unlimited design capabilities.

Materials: Synthetic Polypropylene fiber yarn
Backing: Solid Vinyl
Thickness: 1/2
Weight: 1/2 1.00 lb./ft2
Size/Roll: 67 X 49 approx.
CSI Specs Tech Data Warranty Installation Maintenance Available Colors Frame Selection Samples

Colors available for Syn-Coir matting
Due to variations in monitor color representation,
please order samples when selecting colors.

#00 Black #11 Brown #05 Natural




Frame Selections
Model Application Finishes Frame Profile



Recessed - Level Bed


Recessed - Level Bed

Mill, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized


Solid Architectural Bronze

ATF-125 Recessed - Level Bed

Mill, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized

ATF-225 Surface

Clear Anodized; Abrasive Stripes available in Black, Brown, Grey and Terra Cotta.


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