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 There are few things as pleasant on the eyes as lush, green grass. Many restaurants, gyms, and sports arenas understand this, which is why they choose to go for the grass aesthetic when they design their outdoor sections or playing fields. However, the upkeep of grass is often very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming which can lead to some of these businesses abandoning the idea; but turf grass offers an amazing alternative to consider. If you are working on a floor covering selection for a commercial sports arena, gym, or rooftop and you are wondering what the benefits of this kind of flooring are, Amarco Products is here to help. Our team of flooring experts has years of experience in crafting solutions for safety as well as aesthetics, and our grass turf solutions are an amazing addition to the family of products that we are proud to offer our customers. Here you will learn the benefits of synthetic turf vs natural grass and explain some of the aspects that you may not have even considered as benefits but are nonetheless present in all variations of grass turf. 

Turf vs. Artificial Grass 

 While it may seem like they are the same thing, turf, and artificial grass actually have a few differences. Artificial grass is the name given to a kind of turf that is longer and more focused on imitating grass that you would typically see on someone’s lawn or backyard. Turf is the name given to artificial grass that is designed for sports to be played on. This is typically shorter than artificial grass, which makes it better for athletes to run on or balls to glide over. In day’s past, artificial turf grass looked much different than real grass, but technology has advanced in such a manner that artificial grass is hardly distinguishable from live grass. 

Grass Turf for Dogs

One of the most popular applications of this technology is in dog parks and apartment buildings where many of the tenants own dogs. Since this artificial grass is so similar to the real thing, it is the perfect substitute for people that have pets like dogs and that do not have grassy areas to take them on walks. The material that this artificial grass turf is made of makes it easy to clean up after them. 

Benefits of Synthetic Turf vs. Natural Grass 

There are many benefits to synthetic turf grass when compared to natural grass. One of the most important benefits of this kind of grass is the fact that it is much more durable than natural grass. This is important for businesses that operate outside during different seasons like the winter since this is when natural grass turns brown and dies. If you have artificial turf grass in your business, you will be able to maintain its look throughout the entire year, as it will not die or change color with a change in temperature. 

 Another advantage of synthetic turf is the fact that it is non-allergenic. Natural grass is a natural breeding ground for allergens like pollen and other organisms that cause allergic reactions. With artificial grass, these allergens have no breeding ground, which removes the potential for people with allergies to suffer. 

 More About Amarco Products 

 If you are interested in outfitting your commercial, recreational, or private space with our artificial turf grass, then be sure to get the best possible quality by getting in touch with our AMARCO Products team of grass turf suppliers. See our full selection of grass turf products below and start planning your amazing renovations by viewing the products and finding the perfect fit for what your location needs. If you have any questions about our products then feel free to reach out and speak with our professionals today, or feel free to read some of our team’s blog articles to get information about all things related to the flooring industry. Our team is also happy to explain more about our other products, such as the AMARCO walk-off mat selection and our expertly designed carpet tiles. So feel free to inquire about all of the selections you are interested in, our team is happy to help make the picture clearer ahead of any purchase. 

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