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 Terms and Conditions

Terms: Terms are net 30 for approved accounts. Accounts 15 days past due may be placed on credit hold.
Freight: All prices are FOB factory. We ship UPS or RPS when possible. Otherwise shipments will be made by common carrier Collect. Customer specified carriers mist be clearly marked on the purchase order or stated when placing a verbal order. Unless otherwise specified, we reserve the right to designate a carrier. Note: shipping weights shown in our price list and catalogue are approximate.

Minimum Charge: A $7 service charge will be added to all orders less than $50 net dollars.
Damaged Goods and Shortages: For your protection, you should always inspect and count articles before accepting a shipment. Damages or shortages should be noted on the freight bill before you sign for the goods. If concealed damage is discovered after receipt of merchandise, a written request for inspection should be made to the delivering carrier. Be sure to retain all packaging. Claims for shortages, damages and/or concealed damage must be made without delay by the consignee with the delivering carrier. According to the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) regulations, filing claims with freight carriers is the responsibility of the consignee.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Every effort will be made to announce price changes well in advance. In the event a customer is not aware of a price change, they will be notified before the order is filled and shipped.
Acceptable Delivery: Delivery within +/-10% of the quantity ordered for custom made or special ordered items shall constitute acceptable delivery.

Returned Goods:
No material will be accepted without prior/proper authorization from Amarco’s customer service department. Returns must be shipped prepaid. No collect shipments will be accepted. Custom made, custom cut products or discontinued goods are NON-RETURNABLE.

Restocking Charges:
There will be a 30% restocking charge on all non-defective, standard products.
Telephone Orders: Amarco will accept telephone orders. However, the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the order and should request that the entire order be repeated back to the customer. A faxed copy of the order, clearly marked “Confirmation” is highly recommended.

Special Order Products:
Special order or made-to-order products, including custom sized mats are not returnable for re-stocking. Completed or in-process orders cancelled prior to shipment will be invoiced for all costs incurred. For pricing purposes, dimensions will be rounded up to the whole next foot.
Colors: Illustrations show the approximate colors only. For a more accurate representation, request a sample before placing your order. Actual colors may vary from samples or printed illustrations as compared to actual material.
Cancellation of Merchandise: Orders may not be canceled after shipment.

Limitation of liability:
Customer acknowledges that the price of Amarco products is predicated on the enforceability of the following limitation of liability, that the price would be substantially higher if Amarco could not limit its liability as herein provided and that customer accepts this limitation of liability in exchange for a lower price. Amarco shall have no liability to the customer for lost profits or any special, consequential, exemplary or incidental damages of any kind whether arising in contract, tort, product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such lost profits or damages. In no event shall Amarco be liable to the customer for any damages whatsoever in excess of the actual price paid to Amarco for the non-conforming or defective product. This limitation of liability may not be altered except by an agreement in writing signed by a duly authorized office of Amarco.

Amarco warrants that the Amarco products will conform in all material respects to the description of the product contained herein and will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year (or for such longer period of time as specified herein with respect to any particular product) from the date of shipment (the Warranty Period). There are no warranties which extend beyond these warranties, and Amarco expressly disclaims all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, or arising by operation of law, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Warranty Remedies:
In the event that any Amarco product fails to comply with this warranty, customer may return the product to Amarco, freight prepaid. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for the non-conformance of any product with the product description or for defects in the material or workmanship in the product within the warranty period shall be, at Amarco’s election (i) Amarco’s repair or correction on the non-conformance or defect, (ii) Amarco’s furnishing customer, without charge and FOB Factory, with a replacement for the non-conforming or defective product, or (iii) Amarco’s reimbursement of customer, for the pro-rated purchase price on the non-conforming or defective product. Amarco shall not be liable for defects caused by abuse or misuse of its products. Except for Amarco’s direct costs in repairing, correction or replacing any non-conforming or defective product, Amarco shall not be liable for any other expense connected with the repair, correction or replacement of any product or for any special, exemplary or consequential damages. Standard Width Cut to a Custom Length

Special lengths:
 Mats are available in standard widths for specific products. Amarco will produce these mats to a tolerance of +/- 1/2” of the customer specified length.

Mats Cut to Custom Widths:
The cost of mats cut to a “Special Custom Width” (whether or not the mat is also cut to a special length) is computed as follows: CUSTOM WIDTH MAT COST = “TOTAL SQUARE FEET” (Based on a standard width mat) X MULTIPLIED BY THE “STOCK MAT COST” as per the price sheet ( Do not use the custom cut price when calculating special width cost) + Plus A 25% SURCHARGE.

 Please Note-
· “Customer Width Mat” There is no additional charge for cutting to a special length when ordering a custom width mat.
· ALL AMARCO Carpet Top Mat & Matting products meet flammability requirement D.O.C.-FF-1-70 & D.O.C.-FF-2-70(Pill Test)
· Carpet Rolls will have factory borders on the long edges only; roll ends do not have nosing.

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