As the nation’s leading supplier of commercial entrance matting and rubber sport flooring, we know a thing or two about choosing a walk-off mat for your commercial building. At AMARCO Products, we believe that having a good walk-off mat can offer many benefits. With the help of our commercial flooring specialists, we have put together a guide to the benefits of having the right walk-off carpet for your business or facility entryway. 

What Is a Walk-Off Mat? 

A walk-off mat is a type of commercial flooring that is mainly used in the entryway of a business or facility. At times, you may find a walk-off floor mat placed directly outside or just inside the main entrance doors of a commercial facility. Placing these commercial mats in the entrance either indoors or outdoors can be extremely beneficial and effective. Walk-off carpet has the ability to scrape off dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes for a cleaner building. Another critical property of a durable walk-off mat is the ability to trap moisture, preventing slip and fall accidents from occurring in high traffic entryways. 

Benefits of an Entrance Walk-Off Mat 

Walk-off mats offer a variety of benefits as an important commercial entryway flooring solution. At AMARCO, we strongly believe that some of the most influential benefits walk-off carpets provide are their incredible cleaning abilities, easy maintenance, safety features, and the aesthetic characteristics that make a building more appealing to customers and clients. 

Walk Off Mats Offer Easier Cleaning Solutions and Maintenance

Commercial entryway flooring provides an easier and more cost-effective clean-up with easy maintenance. Entryways, being the busiest area of a building, collect the most dirt in any commercial building. Walk-off floor mats stop dirt and debris from spreading throughout the rest of your business or facility. 

Walk-Off Floor Mats Make Business’s Safer

Another benefit of walk-off entrance mats is the improved safety it provides to your commercial building. By trapping moisture at the entryways, walk-off carpets create a safer entryway preventing slip and fall accidents from occurring due to moisture build-up and protecting your employees and customers by trapping moisture at the entryway. 

Walk-Off Carpet Makes a Building More Appealing

Walk-off mats can help maximize first impressions at your building or facility’s entryways. Having a durable and good quality walk-off mat maximizes first impressions as well as your business’s overall aesthetic. One way walk-off carpets make a building more appealing is by keeping entryways clean. Customer’s and client’s first impressions of your building or facility will be exemplified through cleanliness and clear attention to every detail. Adding unique color accents and surface textures to your entryway is another notable way that walk-off matting and commercial carpet tile can enhance the impact of your entryway or lobby. At AMARCO, we have a wide range of commercial walk-off mats to choose from in a wide range of materials, sizes, and colors to match your building’s aesthetic. 

Where to Find Commercial Entryway Flooring Solutions?

AMARCO Products has a wide range of commercial entryway flooring solutions for your business or facility. We offer a wide range of entrance mats, walk-off tiles, as well as customized logo mats to greet your customers at the front door. 

Also, consider our extensive product line of kitchen safety flooring, steel foot grilles and grating, and commercial sport flooring that can help take your business to the next level. With over 40 years in the industry, we strive to help our customers find functional, aesthetic, and environmentally certified flooring materials for a wide range of businesses. Contact us today to speak with a flooring consultant, or while you’re browsing through the full array of walk-off mats and commercial entryway flooring solutions we have to offer, check out our webchat to consult live with a flooring specialist.