Working in a restaurant kitchen can be physically demanding on feet, knees, and hips. Whether you are a line cook, sous chef, head chef, or part of the waitstaff, spending long hours on your feet can certainly take its toll. At AMARCO Products, we are firm believers that every commercial kitchen should have anti-fatigue mats to help mitigate the strains and stresses of standing throughout the workday. 

Finding the right mat to stand on for long hours is imperative to reduce feet, knee, or back pain and to provide long-lasting support. Kitchen anti-fatigue mats are built with comfort at the forefront, alleviating pain and discomfort as a result of standing on a hard surface for long periods of time. Our dedicated flooring specialists share insight into why all kitchens should have anti-fatigue mats. 

What’s an Anti-Fatigue Mat? 

An anti-fatigue mat is specially designed to reduce the feeling of fatigue caused by prolonged hours spent standing on a hard surface. Unyielding, hard floors such as concrete epoxy floors or quarry tile are the least comfortable surfaces to walk on and are especially difficult on tender feet.

Industrial anti-fatigue mats can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly rubber or vinyl. Some rubber anti-fatigue mats possess grease-resistant properties, while others are engineered to be “grease-proof.” Alternatively, vinyl anti-fatigue kitchen flooring is naturally resistant to all of the most common chemicals and ingredients that are found in commercial kitchens. Regardless of the material, the primary purpose of fatigue-reducing commercial restaurant flooring should be to absorb the shock caused by walking on hard surfaces. 

Reasons to Use Anti-Fatigue Mats in Commercial Kitchens 

The average cook can benefit greatly from an anti-fatigue commercial kitchen floor mat. Restaurant cooks often feel discomfort, sore feet, legs, knees, and hips after spending several hours standing in a kitchen. Fatigue-reducing commercial kitchen floor mats prevent foot stress by releasing the tension from standing on hard surfaces so cooks and waitstaff can feel great and work more efficiently. 

There are many benefits of incorporating kitchen anti-fatigue mats into your commercial restaurant. Not only will cooks, servers, and other restaurant staff be praising the heavens on behalf of their bunions, but non-slip floor coverings also improve facility safety. 

Investing in durable anti-fatigue kitchen mats can help make commercial businesses safer by reducing slips and falls caused by slippery wet floors often found in commercial kitchens. Seamless non-slip anti-fatigue kitchen flooring systems for commercial kitchens are best used in areas with heavy foot traffic or where moisture, oil, grease, and dirt are most frequent. 

Areas Best Suited for Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats

Many areas in a restaurant can benefit from an anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat, but these materials are best suited in areas that see the most foot traffic and those that can benefit from the extra safety features. Keep in mind that a good kitchen anti-fatigue floor mat or seamless kitchen flooring system is built to withstand significant amounts of foot traffic and to resist all commercial kitchen conditions. Some of the best places to use an anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat include:

  • Bakeries
  • Production lines
  • Kitchens
  • Standing service areas
  • Dishwashing areas 
  • Service area counters 
  • Bars
  • Cafeterias

Cleaning & Caring for Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

The maintenance for an anti-fatigue commercial mat is simple and doesn’t require anything complicated. Fatigue-reducing kitchen mats don’t require vigorous cleaning methods or crazy drying techniques. Mechanically scrubbing fatigue-reducing kitchen mats or putting them in machine washers or dryers isn’t necessary.

Follow these simple steps to maintain clean commercial kitchen anti-fatigue mats in less than 20 minutes. 

  1. Sweep fatigue-reducing mats using a broom or hose them off daily to remove dirt, debris, and soil that has been tracked inside. If you hose down your anti-fatigue kitchen mat, keep in mind that the water pressure does not need to be too high for your mat to be cleaned. 
  2. Be sure to use a mild detergent, soap, or degreaser when cleaning your anti-fatigue mat. Don’t use cleaners that have high pH chemicals, bleach, or solvents, as these products can damage the anti-fatigue mat surface. Consult the manufacturer to ensure the mat cleaner is recommended for the particular kitchen anti-fatigue mat you purchased.
  3. For the best results and a better chance of eliminating grease or oil, use hot water between 120- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. 
  4. Drain or shake off excess water and then let your mat lay flat while you wait for it to dry. Give your anti-fatigue mats ample time to dry before reusing them again.

At AMARCO Products, we recommend cleaning your anti-fatigue mats at least once a week to prevent dirt and grease from damaging the mat surface. 

For even easier cleaning and maintenance, consider a permanent seamless anti-fatigue commercial kitchen flooring system. These glued-down systems are water-tight, non-porous, and much easier to maintain than standard quarry tile or epoxy. Daily scrubbing with a deck brush and neutral cleaner keeps these floors clean, dry, and naturally non-slip, all while providing the much-needed anti-fatigue properties of traditional anti-fatigue mats. 

Where to Find the Best Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats

AMARCO Products has a wide range of commercial flooring solutions and rubber flooring to best fit the requirements of your business. Find kitchen safety flooring solutions, including anti-fatigue mats that will benefit your employees and their well-being.

Whether you are looking for dry area or wet area anti-fatigue mats, AMARCO Products has got you covered! Contact us today via email at to speak with one of our representatives about finding the best commercial and industrial flooring for your business or facility. 

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