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Al-Track 200
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Model AT-200 metal grating comes in a choice of aluminum or bronze. Both materials feature a rolling load capacity of up to 350 pounds per wheel, the AT-200 is a Safe, heel-proof design, strong enough to support all types of traffic, while still maintaining its upscale look with a clean architectural lines for an elegant, high-tech appearance.

  High-traffic entryways
• Traffic Heavy Interior or Exterior
Clean architectural lines for an elegant, high-tech appearance
• Safe, heel-proof design
• All-weather durability and easy cleaning.
• Rolling load capacity of up to 350 pounds per wheel
• Choice of aluminum or bronze
• Height 13/16”
• Rail Material Aluminum / Bronze
• Rail Color/Finishes Aluminum or Bronze
• Construction T-gratings fastened by steel
   tie rods and nylon insert lock nuts
• Rolling Load/wheel 350 lbs.
• Traffic Heavy Interior or Exterior
• Weight/sq ft 
   Aluminum: 2.6 lbs
   Bronze:  7.25 lbs
LEED™ Related Data
CSI Specs Tech Data Warranty Installation Maintenance Available Colors Frame Selection Samples

Colors available for Al-Track AT-200
Due to variations in monitor color representation,
please order samples when selecting colors.

Model AT-200 metal grating comes in
a choice of aluminum or bronze.

Aluminum  #6063
Bronze  #385






Aluminum Rail Finishes

Aluminum Alloy #6063

     Bronze Alloy #385


Frame Selections
Model Application Finishes Frame Profile
ATF- 200A
Technical Details

Mill Finish Aluminum

ATF- 200B
Technical Details
Architectural Bronze


LEED™ Related Data

MR Credit 4.1/4.2 Recycled Content, RGA-200 Entrance Grating

The RGA-200 entrance grating consists of a series of parallel aluminum rails assembled using nylon spacers and threaded rods such that openings are provided between rails to allow debris to fall through into the recess below. The primary walking surface is created by the sculpted shape of the aluminum profile extrusion. The aluminum rails are cushioned from the flooring substrate by the nylon spacers which occur every 12” between all rails.

The recycled content of this product is given as a percentage calculated by comparing the weight of the product to the weight of the recycled materials it contains. The net weight of the matting is the sum total of the weights of the aluminum rails, nylon spacers, and threaded rods. This product weighs 2.68 pounds per square foot. This value is subject to variation due to the standard manufacturing tolerances of the component parts. The aluminum, which contains all of the recycled content, is approximately 2.38 pounds per square foot or 88.8% of the total weight.

The aluminum can be further divided into post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content as follows:

• Post-Consumer: 10%

• Pre-Consumer: 60%

• Primary Aluminum: 30%

In accordance with guidelines set forth in USGBC – LEED V2.2, the recycled content of the aluminum is:

Post-Consumer + 1/2 * Pre-Consumer = 10% + 1/2*60% = 40%

Applying this percentage to the aluminum, the recycled content of the grating is 36% of the product by weight ((40%*2.38)/2.68 = 36%). This value may be applied to the project cost of this product and added to similar values for the total project in order to determine LEED credit applicability for MR Credits 4.1 and 4.2.

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