So you’re thinking of buying rubber flooring for your commercial business or residential property? But how does one decide between rubber flooring tiles and rolls as the best flooring solution? To help make this decision easier, AMARCO Products, the nation’s leading supplier of commercial entrance matting and rubber sport flooring for over 40 years, shares our knowledge for understanding rubber flooring tiles vs rolls. 

Rubber Flooring Tiles

Rubber flooring tiles are best known for their easy installation and simplicity. Our rubber flooring tiles are the premier gym tile for nearly any application. They are curated with interlocking borders for easy installation and replacement or available as square-cut tiles that can be glued down for a more permanent application. 

Benefits of Rubber Gym Tiles 

Rubber flooring tiles’ benefits include an attractive and high-durable recycled rubber composition and perform exceedingly well when installed in weight rooms or gym settings. Another incredible benefit of installing rubber gym flooring is the superior traction in wet or dry settings, as well as noise reduction and shock-absorbing capabilities. Other pros of rubber gym tiles include: 

  • Easy to store

  • No glue or tape is necessary 

  • Easy to customize to fit the shape of your space 

Cons of Rubber Flooring Tiles 

While rubber gym tiles make an excellent inclusion to most spaces, rubber tiles have some cons. 

  • More expensive

  • Installation is simple but can become time-consuming when installed in larger spaces 

Rubber Flooring Rolls 

Rubber flooring rolls are an excellent choice for covering large spaces. Rubber flooring rolls are ideal for most weight rooms and athletic spaces that require an economical flooring solution with high-quality durability. They are typically curated with enough thickness sufficient for most workout spaces and are easy to maintain. Rather than individually installing rubber tiles, laying rubber flooring rolls is less time-consuming and easier for larger areas. 

Pros of Rubber Flooring Rolls 

Aside from being the perfect flooring solution for large spaces, there are many other benefits of installing rubber flooring rolls. They are built with dense rubber construction for a smooth, attractive surface that provides excellent traction for fitness centers, weight rooms, and numerous other commercial facilities. Other benefits of rubber flooring include: 

  • Easy maintenance 

  • Cost-efficient

  • Rolls can be custom fit to provide just the amount needed 

  • Requires less cutting than tiles 

Cons of Rubber Rolls 

When comparing rubber tiles and rubber flooring rolls, there are some cons of rubber rolls you should make a note of before finding the perfect rubber flooring solution for your space. Here are some cons of rubber flooring rolls to consider: 

  • They are heavy and may require additional assistance to install 

  • Installation is more time-consuming than with tiles depending on the size of your space

Choosing Between Rubber Tiles vs Rolls

Long story short, we find that if you are planning to renovate your small space, then tiles are the best flooring solution for you. Alternatively, if you are searching for a permanent solution to cover large areas like entire gyms and fitness centers, we recommend opting for rubber flooring rolls. 

At AMARCO Products, we have a wide range of flooring products, including rubber rolls and tiles. Browse our inventory and contact us with any questions regarding the difference between rubber tiles and rubber rolls. Our flooring specialists are happy to help you find the best rubber flooring solution for your residential or commercial needs. 

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