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AL-Track G218
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Buffed nylon-reinforced truck and airplane tires provide the absorbent tread surface. Double-sided treads make symmetrical grates reversible. These grates also last longer than virtually any other type of textile entrance mat or grate.


  High-traffic entryways


Tread strips alternating with aluminum divider bars assembled with .0155" diameter galvanized steel wire, 1-1/2" o.c. Tread Recycled buffed-rubber.


• Materials: Recycled buffed rubber treads
   with recycled aluminum divider bars
• Insert rails: alternating 6063-T52
• Inserts- See Insert Guide
• Thickness: 11/16" (17.9mm) deep,
• Construction: Reversible
• Weight: Approx.

LEED™ Related Data
CSI Specs Tech Data Warranty Installation Maintenance Available Colors Frame Selection Samples

Colors available for AL-track G-218
Due to variations in monitor color representation,
please order samples when selecting colors.



Natural Grey



Construction for F-11 Frame

Insert Colors

Tech Data


Natural Gray


Aluminum Rail Finishes


Frame Selections
Model Application Finishes Frame Profile
Technical Details

Mill, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized,
Black Anodized

Technical Details

Mill, Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized,
Black Anodized


LEED™ Related Data

MR Credits 4.1, 4.2 – Recycled Content

This model contains a minimum of 59% post-consumer, 22% pre-consumer recycled content. Note that most aluminum has an actual post-consumer recycled content that is much higher, but at this time it is not possible to guarantee post-consumer recycled content for a specific batch or project.

EQ Credit 5 – Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control

This product is intended for permanent installation. To meet this credit’s requirements for an entryway system, size product at least six feet in the traffic direction and maintain the product properly. Maintenance instructions are available in PDF format through the link on this page.

General note regarding sustainability and environmental impact:

While not a requirement for LEED, please note that cushions and hinges on all mats and grates are PVC-free. They are made from corn-based biopolymer blended with either recycled low-density or recycled high-density polyethylene..



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