For decades recessed floor mats have been a preferred choice for flooring amongst business owners nationwide. For those who are unaware of the many benefits of recessed floor mats, this safe flooring solution can often be overlooked. But before you go ahead and start picking a commercial flooring solution that best fits your business needs, here is some advice from the flooring specialist at AMARCO Products. 

With over 40 years in the flooring industry, our wholesale mat and rubber company strives to help our clients make the best decisions when it comes to functional, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly certified flooring materials that are suited for a wide range of businesses and industries. 

What Is a Recessed Floor Mat? 

A recessed floor mat is a type of flooring solution that lays flush with the floor surrounding it. A recess mat and the frame that comes with it is installed and laid into an indent or depression, which can help with water drainage. Some recess mats are installed over an entrance grille or grate. This flooring solution is also a great safety precaution for high-traffic areas. Pedestrians are less likely to slip, trip, or fall on a recessed mat.

Recessed Mats Are a Great Flooring Solution for High Traffic Areas

There are many benefits of recessed mats, recessed grille mats, and investing in the right one for your commercial business. For one, recessed mats can be used in a multitude of different businesses and facilities entryways and exits such as:

  • Retail spaces
  • Manufacturing/Industrial facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Lobbies and entryways 
  • Vestibules
  • Commercial entryways
  • Covered exterior entrances

Another great benefit of recessed mats is that they protect the floors while keeping them clean. As dirt, water, and other dust gets tracked onto the floor, it can cause severe damage over time, especially if that area sees a large amount of foot traffic. Not only do dirty entryways look unsightly, but they create more maintenance and increase the risk of pedestrians slipping and falling.

Having recessed grille mats is ideal for avoiding accidents among customers and clients, as well as being customizable to best fit the aesthetic and colors scheme of your commercial business or facility. 

Wholesale Recessed Mats 

At AMARCO Products, we have a wide range of recessed floor mats to pick from that are customizable to fit your wholesale flooring needs! Contact us to explore our inventory of commercial flooring solutions to find recessed floor mats, steel grating, logo mats, and more! Set your business up for success with amazing flooring options that offer functionality and style all in one. 

We offer customizable floor mats so you can pick your recessed mat tread color, type of tread, as well as your personal length and width. With a wide variety of rail finishes, frame styles, and tread options for maximum customization! 

Our flooring specialist loves chatting with our customers, so be sure to ask us about the benefits of recessed mats, and we are more than happy to share any additional information. 


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